The mission of the Tariq Khamisa Foundation (TKF) is to to create safer  schools and communities through educating and inspiring children  in the restorative principles of accountability, compassion, forgiveness, and peacemaking. Core Values provide a living foundation on which to build TKF. Core Values are a guiding light used to illuminate our path. In difficult times and in difficult situations, Core Values provide guidance. At times, Core Values are tough to adhere to. At TKF, we help each other live by these standards in all that we do.


We behave with integrity.
Integrity is defined as “soundness, incorruptibility and a firm adherence to a code ofethics.”  Our Integrity demonstrates the strengths and weaknesses in our character. People of integrity are honest and genuine in their dealings with others. People of integrity hold fast to their commitments, rather than their desires. We make many commitments to TKF, to ourselves and to our community. At TKF, we understand that at times these commitments are in conflict. At these times of conflict, we must work to remain steadfast to our true and deep commitments. We must bring these conflicts to the light and work with each other to resolve them. We strive to live a life of integrity.

Compassionate Confrontation

We believe in compassionate confrontation in a context of peace and respect.
Compassionate Confrontation is defined as “to bring face to face, to cause to meet, a clashing of ideas.” In the context of TKF, we believe in confrontation that occurs with compassion in order to achieve a higher understanding with mutually beneficial results. Compassionate confrontation requires compassionate listening. We understand that compassionate confrontation is a healthy ingredient to human interactions. Confrontation is honest. Confrontation creates opportunities for change. We embrace compassionate confrontation. We confront each other with a loving and compassionate intent.


We forgive others and seek forgiveness.
Forgiveness is defined as “the act of giving up of resentment.” At TKF, we see forgiveness as a process, starting with the acknowledgement that we have been harmed. Through this pain, we tap into the power of forgiveness, the release of resentment. Ultimately, wereach out with love and compassion to the offender. We forgive others when they have wronged us. We forgive others who have wronged someone else. We ask for our own forgiveness when we have wronged others. We will not harbor feelings of resentment after forgiveness. We acknowledge that we are all human and at times will fail in forgiveness. We help each other to forgive, to accept forgiveness and to accept each other through the process. We strive to forgive.